L.H.Boghra (Shishuvihar) School (ISO 9001-2008)

Welcome to our school...

Two wheels of a chariot...from which a dream has been fulfilled, a tree and a symbol of Discipline, Virtue and education, "Shishuvihar School"...

The Changing world has become one campus in many ways. In this age of Computers and Internet, the knowledge is increased every day. The basic root is education for the other roots of growth. For speedy growth, the command over language and advance technology is getting important. A new thought is always born on the base of an old thought and it is necessary to adopt latest rejuvenation to make the children disciplined, civilized and complete.

In our L.H.Boghra (Shishuvihar) School proudly entering in the 21st  year, children learn culture with entertainment and get higher degrees of knowledge. In the garden named Shishuvihar, the children like flowers learn the art of living, education of all senses and to grow their personality they can prove themselves in extra-curricular activities also.

That is why we are giving education of English to students from "Balbhavan" with various activities and events, sports.With the increasing flow of English, we are also giving the education of English to the Gujarati Medium students so that they can stand still in this society.

In the educational-garden like Shishuvihar, we are always eager to welcome flower like children.

History of our school...

With the aim of spreading education in the society, the L.H.Boghra & D.R.Agrawal trust was established in 1992, from its inception on June-1992. Our organization is indebted to the students of all classes of the society namely the rich and poor and of all communities and religions. 

Primary section started in June-1993. The school touched another milestone by starting "Higher Secondary Section" with Science and Commerce streams. With the passage of time, the school has made a tremendous progress and has gained its place in the field of education especially on Adajan Road. 

The school aims for the best of the students not only for their academic career but also for their all-round development, in shaping their lives with extra curricular activities.Today our school is one of the most well-known schools in society.