“Parents & Teachers’ Relations During Online Classes”

“Parents & Teachers’ Relations During Online Classes”

Today I feel proud to share my views on a very current point – Parents & Teachers’ Relations during online classes. In the age of Digitalization each and every aspect of life is switched over to online format – Online trading, online shopping, online transactions and now online education.

During online education, as a teacher, I feel that the role of teachers is very important. How to be present on screen, how to express your topics, how to teach using many techniques without a board, how to control students but we as teachers could successfully tackle all the problems and satisfy the students’ thirst of education with the great support of parents. Parents have also played a vital role in our toughest situation. Our trusted parents have spare extra time for exam supervision and also keep a strict watch on their wards during classes. 

In this pandemic situation a triangle of student – teacher and parents has really created the best educational atmosphere for the students. At last I would like to show my gratitude towards parents for their wholehearted support in our mission….

Thanks a lot….

                                                                                                                                                                                      -MAMTA ANAJWALA